What does EdTreks do?

EdTreks has built a network of schools around the world and in the U.S. to partner students and teachers for short term, in-home exchange programs. We work with government and philanthropic entities to make sure that international travel is available to all students, regardless of financial means.

What is a typical Journey?

Most of our Journeys are full exchanges between two schools. Usually our school exchanges are within the same academic year. Journeys are 1-2 weeks in duration. Students and teachers are hosted by families. Activities include attending school and visiting areas of local interest.

What's included in the Journey's cost?

You have two options with EdTreks. First, the Land Option- this cost includes all of the expenses except airfare. Second, the Inclusive Option- we'll book the airfare as well as all of the land costs including ground transportation, hotels, meals and excursions. 

How much input do I as the teacher have in the Journey design?

You are consulted every step of the way. Our Journeys are customized to your needs. We also provide ongoing education and support for your students and their families.