Bavaria, Germany


Travel to the beautiful world of grand castles and some of the world's finest cars! This June 2020 Journey is a special one for EdTreks, open to grandparents and their teenage grandchildren. 

Grenoble, France


Seated at the foot of the French Alps, this ancient city welcomes you and your student to explore museum and quaint local streets. Don't miss the "Les Bulles" bubble cars which take you to the summit of La Bastille!

Rome, Italy


The Eternal City welcomes you with ancient wonders and modern chic. You and your students will be walking in the footsteps of history while learning about this modern metropolitan center.

Seoul, South Korea


This modern, dynamic city blends the  modern high tech world with age-old street markets, palaces and beautiful Buddhist temples. You and your students will be immersed in the Korean culture and language.



A contrast of environments and colors. This school-to-school visit will show you and your students the many vistas of Morocco, from the Sahara Desert to the beautiful coastlines.

Moscow, Russia


St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, and The Armory Museum are just a few of the wonders in this Russian Capital City.

Berlin, Germany


This exciting city welcomes you and your students with wonderful food, museums and a vibrant and diverse culture. See the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and the remnants of the Berlin Wall.



This amazing city in the Land of the Rising Sun welcomes you and your students with wonderful sites, incredible history and a thriving culture.

Nuremberg, Germany


Enjoy a bratwurst in this ancient central square! This city is filled with history, from the time of Franconia hundreds of years ago to it's importance during World War II, to the modern day!

Bordeaux, France


Idyllic and pastoral, this beautiful area of France is an ideal location for a school-to-school exchange for you and your studen

Athens, Greece and the Greek Isles


The Parthenon and the Temple of Apollo are just two of the sites on this tour of Greece and the Greek Isles!

Munich, Germany


This family Journey is specifically for families and grandparents and teenage grandchildren. This 10 day Journey will begin and end in Munich but will also travel to Salzburg, Austria and Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for Cinderella's Castle in the Disney Parks.